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1farm Credit Empty farm Credit on Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:53 pm


1. we will need to register with the premium acc
2. clan where cred
3. main acc!

To get started go to the new registered ACC, are entering a clan, give this acc credit, that would cover vygral extender most expensive on Steam ests, and then buy in the store handout us assume ship Leonov, in the end you get Dolno compartment 4k and stim 50%
then fly to the base of one's (better to do it in the visible), we come to the second ACC through another browser on new zaregatsya Akka fly to radiation bursts, reborn on the base, fly and raise their ests (which to do this, we have already picked up a any other boat) (best is gold) and so do until not fill the compartment, which is about 2-3 times to burst when the compartment is full of tears and select ests on Akka where negative, then everything again (for effect What are the more you can do to be faster), but this method is tedious and long, but no incriminating! You can make the syrup, that would throw it on lasers, missiles, shields!

Sry from eng. ;P

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